Beth K. Crane is a writer, artist and designer based in London, working in a wide variety of materials. She makes custom laser-cut jewellery and other merchandise for museums (most recently the Old Operating Theatre). She also writes and acts in We Fix Space Junk, an award-winning British audio drama podcast. You can find more details out on the podcast website or listen online here.


I studied Scriptwriting and Performance at the University of East Anglia and emerged with a BA and Masters degree. I’ve always been interested in creating things (as pretentious as that sounds) and I’m happiest when I’m writing, painting or making something.


Since completing my MA at UEA, I’ve been writing almost continuously, although it’s only really in the past couple of years that it’s taken off.

I’ve worked in PR, as an editor, a proofreader and a post-translation localiser, but my true passion is script.

My most exciting project is the podcast We Fix Space Junk. We also recently published a novella, Automnicon: The Intern, which is set within the world of Space Junk.

My writing is frequently featured in short play nights in London and has been published as part of short play collections. I’m always working on something new!


Want to commission a piece? Want to ask me anything? Send me an email via the form below or visit my Facebook page or Society6.